Akusado (Accused)

Jerilee Ann Y. SalvadorPhilippines - 202003.07 min
In streaming dalle 17 del 22 Aprile alla mezzanotte del 25 Aprile

Anyone can be a victim, even you. A nurse runs for her life as two policemen stalk her as she walks home from work. She, like many other innocent victims, is wrongfully accused of being a terrorist.

Jerilee Salvador is a Filipino actor, director, and producer. She is the writer, director, and co producer of the short film, Akusado. She is the producer of Vaishnav Jan To Music Video for Indian Embassy in commemoration of Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th Birth Anniversary. She is the producer and assistant director for Baby Rye and I Don’t Wanna Wake Up Anymore Music Videos by Fern. under Universal Records Philippines.